Luster® Superior Aerosol Metal Cleaner & Polish is an odorless food grade cleaner that restores the original shine to all metals without acids, abrasives or chlorinated solvents.



Dominate® High Octane Emulsifier Concentrate is a heavy duty, economical grease emulsifier with a 50:1 ratio that dissolves, suspends and floats away dirt, oil, grease and other tough soils, yet is very gentle on hands.



Now that your kitchen and bathrooms are sparkling, keep the freshness flowing with our # 1 Rated Armchem scented bowl clips and urinal mats, which have been rated a 99.95% in customer satisfaction on performance and fragrance (Mango topped the list).

Bactazyme cleans and maintains drains and kills odors with enzymes that actually digest grease, fats and bacteria. Provides instantaneous results, and continues working long after it is applied.



Nitrofoam® Oven and Grill Decarbonate is a food grade foam cleanser that rapidly removes baked-on fats, greases, proteins and carbohydrate residue. Clings to vertical surfaces without dripping, and so safe that it can even be used



The results of a new national survey revealed that 83 percent of Americans believe the condition of the workplace indicates to employees just how much their company values them. Equally as important, unclean work conditions can actually cause germs to spread and result in illness among staff. Regular workplace cleanups are the norm, but it is also important to take the time for serious scrub-downs a few times a year.

These intense clean-ups require the highest standards, but are technically demanding and time and labor intensive. 2013 is here, so out with the old grime, grease and odors, and in with an exclusive collection of non-toxic bathroom and kitchen products from Armchem. They all have a high degree of effectiveness, work hard so users don’t have to, and due to their unique formulations, are very safe and economical to use.


EVERYTHING. We’ve even sold peanut seeds and airport seats!

We are very excited about our plans for 2013, which include a host of 30th anniversary sales promotions and useful content that will help your business work faster, cleaner, safer and smoother. You will be hearing more about our exclusive online offerings in the coming months, but only through this E-newsletter, on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and on our new blog, “What’s Working for Armchem.” (will hyperlink once it is available).

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customers to increase their efficiency and keep costs low.

After a few years, Andy officially launched Armchem International with an office in South Florida, thereby expanding international operations to include domestic sales. He soon realized that the best way to provide value to clients was to become a “one stop shop,” so businesses could focus on what they do best and leave the product sourcing to Armchem. In addition to selling cleaning products, Armchem expanded and began selling anything that clients needed. From specialty chemicals to safety products, MRO to mops, floor mats to first aid, green products to greases and lubricants, Armchem became the source for

Armchem Celebrates  30 Years  by Getting Social

This year, Armchem International is celebrating our 30th anniversary. Did you know that CEO Andy Brahms founded the company by traveling the world selling a handful of specialty cleaning products?  Most of the places he sold to were third world markets like New Guinea, Saipan, Guam and the Solomon Islands, making his mark by in-person demonstrations of proper cleaning and maintenance of facilities and equipment. Andy was one of only a few distributors selling industrial supplies in this part of the world, working closely with

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Over the last few months, the media has taken notice of Armchem International, regularly featuring the company and our products in magazines and newspapers. Here are just a few examples:

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From January 1 – February 28, 2013, Armchem is offering online customers

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some of our best-selling cleaning products: Dominate, Bactazyme, Luster and Nitrofoam. In addition to the discount, if you order one case of any of these products, you’ll also receive one Armchem Bowl Clip and one Armchem Urinal Mat.

Just enter promo code NEWYEAR13 at checkout.

With amazing products and savings like these, 2013 is off to a great start.